Sunday, 17 February 2013

Evaluation Qu 4

Below I have created a Prezi clearly showing all the different technology I have used throughout the research, planning, construction and evaluation of this project. I have written about what I used the technology for and the positives and negatives about it. The development of web 2.0 has been extremely useful, enabling me to easily access my target audience on social networking sites, specifically facebook. As well as using youtbe, a very popular video sharing site to view existing videos and upload mine. Furthermore, it has allowed me to use different presentation websites like prezi, slideshare and wordle, in order to enable my blog to become more interesing and varied.

I created this to clearly show some of the different technologies that I used during this project...

Friday, 15 February 2013

Evaluation Qu 3

Evaluation Q3 from Kaylee1234
The above slideshare presentation shows what I have learnt from all of my audience feedback. The audience fedback I gained through the duration of this project include polls, social networking, talking with friends/peers and showing my product to different classes. I have clearly showed the progression of my pages and have discussed how gaining audience feedback has helped to me improve my products. Audience feedback has been greatly useful to me and has enabled me to create products that are successful and appealing to the target audience.  

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Evaluation Qu 2

In the prezi below, I have explained the different ways in which my products link together. Including colours, fonts, images, props, clothing and promotion...
Here I have filmed my target audience talking about the ways in which they believe my products link together...

The above audience feedback shows that I have been successful in creating products that combine and link well to one another. Everyone managed to pick up on different features of which make the products link together including, the guitar, use of colours, brick walls, text/font etc, therefore showing that the combination of my products is very effective.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Evaluation Qu 1

In the slideshow below I have explored that ways in which all my products use, devlop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products...
Here I have created a comic briefly showing the production stages...
Here I have placed my ancillary products with real media products in order to see whether it fits well with existing products or not...


From doing product placement, I feel that it clearly shows whether my products fit the genre of music well. I have placed both my magazine promotions in Q magazine. I belive that they both fit fairly well and would stand out well in the magazine. I believe the simplicity of the promotions helps to make them stand out, as well as the clear, bold font that is used. I also placed a copy of my digipak cover with some existing CD's. I placed it next to bands who come under the same genre such as The Script and Biffy Clyro. This again allows me to see whether it looks eye catching and would stand out on a shelf. I believe that the cover works well and would be attracting to the target audience if it was to be released for real.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Final Products

Above are my final products for this project. I feel by presenting it like this, I was clearly able to see whether all my products work well together. To see a larger version of the products, click on the images.